Memberships - Book a court

ALL tennis and pickleball players have to have a member profile in our system to reserve/use a tennis and/or pickleball court, book a clinic or any event at the Z-Plex Texas Sports Village and The Zadow Park.

Please note:

  • 8 permanent pickleball courts are currently under construction at The Zadow Park.
  • ONLY Melissa ISD students are allowed to use the tennis courts at the Z-Plex without a reservation or membership. This is on a first come first serve basis for available courts.
  • We ask that you make a reservation prior to coming to TAG Tennis or TAG Pickleball. We are offering different membership options. INDIVIDUAL membership is for one person only. If you want to have your family members (currently living within your household) with you-please select a FAMILY membership.
  • The initiation fee is a one time fee only. The only time you would need to re-pay an initiation fee is if you cancel your membership and want to re-join at a later date.
  • Once you JOIN as a member there are NO additional fees to reserve a court unless you fail to cancel your reservation within 24 hours.
  • Any reservations must be cancelled within 24 hours-no exceptions. If you do not cancel within 24 hours you will incur a non-member rate of the courts rental value of $20/hour. The person who makes the reservation is responsible for this fee. Any non-member guests using the court with the person who made the reservation will pay the small guest fee which will auto populate on your reservation when you enter the amount of guests. Person making the reservation will be charged the guest fee and responsible for collecting this money back from his guests.
  • Any membership cancellation must be made TWO weeks in advance of your next recurring payment date. Contact to cancel.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to outdoor & covered Tennis courts (currently available) + Pickleball courts (coming soon)
  • In Advance outdoor & covered Tennis court reservations
  • In Advance outdoor PickleBall court reservations
  • Discount on member specific Tennis + Pickleball drills (clinics, events, and private lessons)
  • Discount on Pickleball PlayTime.

To apply for one of our membership, please REGISTER HERE