TAG Commandments

  • Process:

When a tennis player talks about “the process,” they are talking about committing to their plan for continuous daily improvement. These tennis players know that the process is what leads to greater long-term success. Many players focus solely on outcomes, wins and losses or rankings. When you solely focus on outcomes, your confidence and emotional state are at the mercy of your win-loss record instead of looking at your improvement.

  • Fundamentals:

The ultimate focus on the glamour of winning rather than on the brickwork of building technique is hurting player development. You can not properly do multiplication if you don't fully understand and master addition and subtraction. If the key points of your strokes aren't 100% mastered, you will be limited on accomplishing your goals.

  • Cultural Toughness:

Most tennis players are willing to only give 70%, but, they want the results of the ones giving 100%. Most parents keep giving their players all of the answers all of the time when the goal is to make them independent thinkers. The culture ultimately has to change. In fact, tennis is the most demanding sport and sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve your goals.

  • Powerful, Consistent Coaches:

The entrepreneurial system in which many American tennis coaches operate, as they often compete with one another, is reliant on their ability to sell their services to sometimes anxious parents instead of truly developing players. Thus, they want to only please the parents for the sake of keeping their client satisfied i.e. keeping the money coming. We are not afraid to disrupt this culture by being honest with our players and parents in order to take the player to their highest potential. At TAG Tennis, our coaching philosophy is unique; you either understand it and believe in it or we are not the right place for you. We do look forward to discussing the opportunity for your player to “get in the game” at TAG.